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September 2008



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Sep. 3rd, 2008


(no subject)

Hayyyy Fellow Patients!!

The summer just wrapped up in a very uneventul way which I am not used to. Usually during the summer months I get all strung out and when September comes around, I'm picking up the pieces of whats leftover from any job, relationship etc that I've demolished through the season. This year was significantly different!! I was on methadone all summer [since Friday, June 13th]. I complained most of the time about never having anything to do and all I do is work. But, I am grateful to even have found & kept a job during this time. And thank god I was bored this summer, when I'm NOT bored - is when the trouble starts to dwell.
I started this post...then walked away so I forgot what 'point' i was going to try to make.
but, I guess I'll juts say "Hay!!" and make myself known!!
Lets keep this community goin!


Jun. 8th, 2008



x-posted in my own journal..

I have elected to not have my wisdom teeth cut out and just let them come in and see what happens. The one on the right is coming in side ways.. but the tooth directly in front of it was pulled years ago, so I have room.

If I go to the Dentist and have them surgically removed, it's going to cause a big fuss at the Methadone Clinic, because I'll be damned if I have my wisdom teeth cut out and refuse pain pills.. like they "strongly suggest" I do. And if I do get a script for the pills.. it's mandatory that my dose is cut in half for the remainder of the script. Umm.. FUCK THAT. If I think I could hide it and get away with it, I would.. but the swollen cheeks might be a dead give away?

So.. I'm going to spin the wheel and see what happens by just letting them come in. It hurts like hell, but I've got that covered. One thing is a little more than concerning.. the wisdom tooth on the left side. It's.... black. And is in a pretty odd position. But it doesn't hurt that bad, not like the son of a bitch on the right side.

Waddaya think? Am I being stupid here by letting these go? Of course the Dentist I saw when I had the root canal said it was a bad idea, but he's just trying to get back in there for more money, is what I'm thinking, so he'd probably tell me I could die from this.

Jun. 7th, 2008



Pretty Inspirational.

It's called "Finding Normal"
Odds are, if you have been on YouTube.com and searched Methadone, this popped up somewhere on your screen.

I let her use my picture for the montage at the end. I'm the very last person you see :)

This is a well done video.. that points out facts, rather than twisted stats and propaganda. If you haven't watched it, I seriously suggest you do. It's a breath of fresh air from all the negative videos about Methadone.

Jun. 4th, 2008



New user post.

I decided to join up after I was invited because I am definitely pro methadone use for medical reasons(meaning prescribed use).
I'm a recovering heroin addict, clean 5 years this past Janruary. I was on Methadone until a little less than 4 years ago. I was using when I found out I was pregnant. The doctors insisted I use methadone to keep from losing the baby due to heroin withdrawals. By the time I finally decided to ween off Methadone I was on 150mg a day.
Weening off was a slow and at times painful process(dose lowering to quickly is not a good idea) but I did finally ween off about a year after starting. Methadone is the reason I got clean, if I would have had to go through withdrawals pregnant I'd have lost the baby due to that or just using to keep from being sick. My daughter had no side effects from the methadone and was born not needing to be weened off and had no withdrawals herself after birth.
Going to the methadone clinic and it's group sessions helped me more than anything else would have back then and I fully support anyone using methadone medically.

Jun. 2nd, 2008


Finding Normal Website, Click on the link below.

So I'm on a couple of MMT message boards, and another member, created this website, and I def want to throw it out there for those to view it, and support it. A lot of Patients on MMT, do Not realize that Anti-Methadone Communities and Groups are at an ALL TIME high. They are being supported and Endorsed. They are getting Millions of Dollars poured in, making them more powerful, and giving them a loud voice. It will eventually effect all of us, if we just sit back and take it. They are pounding out laws to be passed that are going to strip of us our takehomes, our freedom to drive to the clinics, (Designated Driver Law came very Close to passing) And eventually if continued they will succeed in stripping us of this Life saving Medication. This can't happen, if we stand up and fight, write to your local congressmen, Spread the word at your clinics, become active with current MMT news. Look at Scotland right now, Methadone Maintenance is on the chopping Block. It's being Phased out, the government doesn't want to pay for it, and taxpayers don't. It was one guy who started this Anti Methadone kick over there, ONE GUY and look what happened...He won! He got enough people to believe in his B.S study that he conducted, showing that MMT has a 3% Success Rate. Complete Bull Shit. The reason this is going down in Scotland has a major part to do with the fact that there aren't Methadone Advocates over there like there are here! But still, there aren't enough here ! There are more Anti Methadone Activists out here, fighting against us, than there are fighting for us. So pretty much, we have got to do whatever we can to make sure the truth is known. Anyways, here is the link to the website, it's pretty fucking awesome!

http://findingnormal.webs.com/ (Hopefully this link works.)

May. 2nd, 2008


hi, welcome, etc.

hi.  i recognize you from the wespeakmethadone boards.  i was going to create a methadone community because i hadn't ever noticed this one, then i noticed it was called mmtpretty, did you do that for fun, or is a name like "methadone" or "methadone_maintence"  illegal due to lj terms and conditions or some junk.  i dunno, but i'm here at least anyway.  i'm on 95mg daily, and 1mg klonopin daily.